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Playstation PS4 Pro 1TB håller ställningarna

There is a lot to be enjoyed in 2018 if you – like us – are crazy about playing. There is always news on the market that raises the game yet another snap, and sometimes it may seem like you have barely picked up a new console before it’s time for the next to break into the market. One that has been around for a while, but has received updates since the launch, is PS4 Pro, which many already own and enjoy. However, we think it’s time to remind you why just this game console is so good and how to take advantage of the device you already have to the max.

Slim or Pro?

The first thing to consider when it comes to buying PS4 is if you want to bet on a Slim or a Pro model. We like both of them, but in order not to completely float in this post, we choose to focus on Pro – partly because it’s more clever for our game habits, but also because it’s a bit newer on the market, and hence a little more exciting. PS4 has been sold in over 64 million copies worldwide, and we hope you are one of the current, or future, owners, because this is a really good investment. Of course, you can run HDR video, and dynamic 4K through the new integration that came on the Pro model.

Stir around the library and discover new games every day

Another advantage of Pro is the great memory you get on the purchase. 1 TB had been impossible for just a couple of years ago, but now you can share a memory card that without problems can keep and run heavy files without any problems. In total there are 1648 games in the library, and if you are as curious as we expect you will try to play you through all the titles. In addition, you get double up of the GPU versus a standard PS4 version, which will make your gaming experience even better. We really recommend that you test the PS4 Pro at least, we can almost promise you will be saved.

Do not wait for the next model

You who already sit on a PS4 may not think it’s worth investing in a new model, but we do not agree with you there. You can actually win a lot to buy the Pro model, because the improvements that make it feel like the whole model is new.